About Cambridge House

Cambridge House is a Christian Study Center seeking to advance the intellectual, moral, and spiritual flourishing of the William & Mary community. We accomplish our mission by:

  • Presenting big questions and encouraging civil dialogue about life and faith
  • Promoting deeper relationships between faculty, staff, and students
  • Providing a hospitable place for profound engagement with the Christian intellectual tradition

The name Cambridge House serves as an ongoing reminder of the historic connections between William & Mary and England, the historic birthplace of student ministry in 1877 in Cambridge, England, and the work of God through His people at Cambridge University.

The shared vision for a Christian Study Center in the William & Mary community goes back several decades. Countless faithful followers of Christ have prayed for God to raise up an organization like Cambridge House. We have seen God’s hand clearly guiding this effort, and we believe His timing and provision are leading us to create a space where the Christian faith and the academy can meet “at the crossroads.”

Cambridge House History

  • 1980’s – Early 2000’s — Foundations of Prayer

    A vision for a future Christian Study Center at William & Mary begins to grow in the minds of believers in Williamsburg and in others who love the university. Meanwhile, the future owners and founding Board members are in the process of coming to and growing in faith in these decades.

  • 2013 – 2019 — Cambridge Roots

    The vision moves forward significantly during Blake and Paula Puckett’s time living in Cambridge, England, (the current owners of the Cambridge House and founding Board members).

    The Puckett family befriend and interact regularly with members of Francis Schaeffer’s family (the founder of Swiss L’Abri), and with many men and women who have been deeply impacted by the Christian intellectual tradition and by the Christian Study Center movement.

  • May 2018 — Purchase of Cambridge House

    Just 200 steps from the edge of William & Mary campus, a large home on Jamestown Road is purchased by the Puckett family to be the future site of the Christian Study Center. A small group of believers begin to pray regularly for this vision.

  • August 2020 — Vision Launch

    Having covered the vision in prayer for several years, a Vision Launch for the “Cambridge House Christian Study Center” at W&M is held (outside and via zoom) to share the vision with the community. The depth of excitement and support is overwhelming.  The founding Board of Directors is formed and works steadily at all things related to incorporation over the next year.

  • August 2021 — Open House

    Now an official member of the Consortium of Christian Study Centers, the Cambridge House Christian Study Center invites 62 believing faculty members and professional staff from William & Mary, along with their spouses and children to the first-ever event, a Breakfast Open House held on the property.  A newly-formed Fundraising Committee begins the task of securing funding for the summer 2022 hiring of an Executive Director.  Modest programming plans are set in motion for the 2021-2022 academic year.  There is much rejoicing.

  • Summer 2022 — Programming Launch